Organized open-carry event to be held on Miami's campus and in Oxford
A person who has led open-carry walks at other Ohio campuses and at Miami in 2016, plans to lead one at Miami University’s Oxford campus and in the city of Oxford sometime during the day, Friday, May 3. "Open carry" means carrying a weapon in full view.
102 years old and going strong
Louise Hautau recently reached a milestone: She turned 102 years old.
UPAC wants your input
Miami's Unclassified Personnel Advisory Committee (UPAC) is looking for feedback from all unclassified staff about its role and stewardship within the university community.
University communications and marketing creates interactive feedback space
Miami University community: We want to hear from you!
Drones are flying on Miami's campus in an effort to increase efficiency
If you've seen a drone hovering near a Miami building as you walk across campus, don't worry. No one is spying on you.
Antarctic algae, alternative photosynthesis and art
NSF and DOE grants support Rachael Morgan-Kiss' continued research in the South Pole
Microbes, QAs, methane: Top to bottom
Recent grants support D.J. Ferguson's and Xin Wang's research on the hidden life of microbes.
Microbial "neighbors" improve ammonia removal in wastewater
Recent NSF grant supports Annette Bollmann's research on improving ammonia removal in wastewater by ammonia oxidizing bacteria.
Engineering microbes
Xin Wang, assistant professor of microbiology, creates microbes for applications in energy production, medicine and environmental protection.