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Campus Announcements

Miami honors employees for accomplishments, leadership during pandemic

Prodesse Quam Conspici honors servant leadership at Miami

the prodesses quam conspici medallion
The Prodesse Quan Conspici medal
Campus Announcements

Miami honors employees for accomplishments, leadership during pandemic

The Prodesse Quan Conspici medal

This week, Miami University honored 61 university employees with the Prodesse Quam Conspici Medal for their selfless leadership throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic. The award is named for Miami’s motto “prodesse quam conspici,” which is written on its seal and means “to accomplish without being conspicuous.” 

“This medal stands for servant leadership with great humility,” said Miami Ambassador Renate Crawford. “The Miamians whom we are honoring today demonstrate dedication, service and commitment, and exemplify prodesse quam conspici.”

During the ceremony, Miami President Gregory Crawford recognized recipients individually, bringing them to the stage and awarding them a medallion and certificate.

“Those whom we honor today have demonstrated selfless leadership and exceptional courage,” President Crawford said. “They put others’ well being first to serve and support the Miami community. They approach each day with grit, compassion and kindness.” 

Recipients were nominated by deans and members of the President’s Executive Cabinet. The Prodesse Quam Conspici winners are:

Academic Affairs  

Kris Abney

Carolyn Craig

Laurie Edwards

Cameron Hay-Rollins

Kendall Leser

Keisha Norris

Ruth Orth

Gretchen Radler

Aaron Renner

Chad Reynolds

Maggie Simpson

Michelle Thomas

Jenn Walter

Finance and Business Services

Annette Arszman

Marklan Ball

Andrea Crane-Coyle

Jeremy Davis

David Ellis

Dawn Fahner

Roy Lucas

Christie Miller

Jennifer Morrison

Jeff Pidcock

Cody Powell

Deondre Shavers

Geno Svec

Mark Taylor

Muriel Taylor

Marcy VanWinkle

Steve Wano

Brian Woodruff


Brad Bundy

Mackenzie Rice

Kevin Wilson

Ellie Witter

Enrollment Management and Student Success

Angela Brown

Sandra Ledger

Jon Cherry

Sandy Burger

Laura Crawford

Information Technology Services

Bob Black

Eboney Kimbrough

Alan McCoy

Randy Mikesell

Erin Mills

Terry Ruff (Retired)

Jeff Toaddy

Student Life

Vicka Bell-Robinson

Gwen Fears

Steve Large

Kimberly Moore

Jen O'Brien

Kate Page

Tim Parsons

Mark Pontious

Scott Walter

University Communications and Marketing

Carole Johnson

Sabrina Stanifer

Office of General Counsel

John Woodard

Intercollegiate Athletics

Jude Killy

Chase Speaks