Selected media placements of contributions by Miamians and the local and global impact of the university.

William Brink on tax plan, Oct. 14 (subscription may be required)
Michelle Boone study on effects of atrazine on Blanchard cricket frogs, Oct. 13 (subscription may be required)
Miami among colleges partnering with Forbes CMO Network, Oct. 10 (subscription may be required)
Miami ranked among Best Big Data Degrees according to Best Computer Science Schools
Sutelemundo, Oct. 11 and Best Computer Science, Oct. 11 and Biz, Oct. 12 (subscription may be required)
Monique Frost on working for the family business to gain experience, Oct. 9 (subscription may be required)
Wil Haygood to discuss book Tigerland: The Miracle on East Broad Street
Kent County News, Oct. 9 and Chestertown, Oct. 10 (subscription may be required)
Miami transdisciplinary collaborations bridge campus and community
Dayton Daily, Oct. 3 (subscription may be required)
Student Emily Dattilo's poetic plea for non-violence
New York Times, Oct. 3 and Daily, Oct. 9 (subscription may be required)