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Academic Advising

Miami University advances a learner-centered advising system. In this type of system the adviser sees every opportunity in which a student makes a choice as a learning opportunity and assists student in steadily gaining ownership over the college experience.

In addition to having a primary academic adviser, Miami students are provided a network of faculty and staff who are committed to their success throughout their undergraduate experience. This success network includes faculty and staff academic advisers, divisional academic advisers, and staff in the residence hall as well as other academic support and career-related offices.

Academic advisers provide guidance on the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education, divisional and major requirements, choosing a major, and career planning; and, when appropriate, they also make referrals to appropriate campus support offices.

Advising at Miami

The academic advising experience begins at Summer Orientation, where students receive individualized advising.

Students are assigned a faculty or staff academic adviser in their department or division of major in the fall semester of their first year. Once an academic adviser is assigned, he/she typically becomes the student's primary academic adviser for the duration of their career at Miami. (Specific information about each major, including divisional and contact information, can be found from our listing of majors and minors.)

If a student changes majors, he/she will be assigned an adviser in the new academic department.

To ease their transition into college, first-year students living on campus receive support from a full-time professional staff member who lives and works in their residence hall. First-year commuter students will be provided similar transitional support from the staff at the Commuter Center, located in Room 2045 Armstrong Student Center.

Students who have not decided on a major are assigned to the University Studies Program which is administered by the College of Arts and Science Advising Office. University Studies students receive advising from faculty members in the College of Arts and Science. Once University Studies students decide upon a major, they are assigned an appropriate adviser from the department or program of their major.

Students on the regional campuses receive personal advising from faculty and staff members made possible through the Office of Academic Advising and Retention on the Miami Hamilton campus and the Office of Advising and Learning Assistance at Miami Middletown.

Advising Support Services

A number of support services are available for students pursuing special areas of interest, including the University Honors Program, Study Abroad (Global Initiatives), Intercollegiate Athletics, and the Reserve Officer Training Corps. The Rinella Learning Center also provides such services as tutoring and peer mentoring for students experiencing academic difficulty through its Tutorial Assistance Program (TAP). Students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder can get help from Student Disability Services.

All students are invited to take advantage of additional advising opportunities designed to help them explore career options, start job searching, and build professional networks. In addition to sponsoring the popular career fairs, Career Services brings over 200 employers to campus each year and provides a number of helpful resources, including an on-campus interview program and a library housing employer listings and job vacancies.